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What is a Reverse Matrix?

In a standard matrix, the number of positions to fill is getting larger, as you progress into the higher Levels!
For example: Level 1 is a 1x2, Level 2 is a 1x4 and Level 3 is a 1x8 matrix and so on.
In a reverse matrix, it works exactly the opposite way, instead of needing to fill more and more positions as you progress through the higher levels, you need to fill less and less positions in order to fill your higher levels, as shown in the example on the right.

So now you have real spillover happening, as in the example shown, you need 6 positions to fill your Level 1, but only 4 to fill Level 2, that means that once your 6 positions on Level 1 have filled their 6, 4 will progress into Level 2, the remaining 2 will spillover under those 4 into your Level 3 (their Level 2)!

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The Reverse Matrix

Introducing the worlds best Company Forced Reverse Matrix

The Income Tripler

Everytime you complete a full cycle, your income triples to Infinity

The Teambuild Matrix

Great for those that love teambuilds, using the Reverse Matrix principle


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